360PM Solutions


LBC provides a range of modules that will assist in the efficient management of any facility.  

We invite you to review the following information on our modules.  We are always keen to show you how it would work for your facility or portfolio.  If you would like a demo please click here and let us know.





By their very nature, ad hoc requests/issues are unpredictable and tedious to manage. They often involve and rely upon a number of busy players, many of whom are in the field, and leave behind a vast paper trail.


360PM Issues Manager makes handling ad hoc issues easier and more efficient. Using the Internet and SMS communications, 360PM Issues Manager logs, records, dispatches, tracks and handles quoting and invoicing for each individual issue. Each of these steps is drastically shortened whilst integration into financial systems eliminates double entry.


For clients with multiple sites or large portfolios and service providers, this application reduces costs and eliminates the paperchase while providing a clear audit trail.


360PM Issues Manager captures every action taken to resolve individual issues in a centralised database. This gives clients a real time audit trail of issue status and greater control over operations and service delivery.


Here are some of the ways 360PM can assist you:

•        Create issues or requests within 10 seconds anywhere in the World

•        Automatically notify users by SMS, email or Facsimile

•        Proactively manage issues/requests and KPI's

•        Multiple methods to update issues/requests

•        Internet

•        Mobile Device optimisation

•        Facsimile, scanned automatically into a PDF and notifying management within 5 min

•        SMS

•        Telephone

•        Attribute repair costs (labour & materials) and history directly to assets

•        Create and manage invoices





Legislation creates obligations for building owners to make their properties safe for tenants/occupants. From fire protection, emergency lighting, mechanical services, HVAC and whole range of other services, 360PM Service Manager renders these obligations manageable and totally transparent.


Using Internet-based technology, loaded with the latest regulatory content, 360PM Service Manager administers the routine or planned obligations according to the relevant Building Codes and or Standards required or a defined process as indicated in a service provision contract.


In short, LBC will schedule the appropriate inspections/tasks, issue work orders, notify prior to the due date, track completion and provide all necessary notifications/reports online. If inspections/tasks are missed, managers are advised via an automated escalation process as established between LBC and the client.


With 360PM Service Manager, risk management is made easy as users can review their compliance status any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.


In addition, 360PM Service Manager can be utilised to program services delivery for any number of non-essential services. From cleaning to security, from photocopier servicing to office supply delivery, the possibilities are endless.



360PM Audit Manager will allow the creation of site profiles by establishing an online checklist that can be recorded by an auditor, service provider or management, whilst on-site. This would typically be performed with the user of a mobile device with information directly entered into a portfolio database.

The practical applications of this module are varied but would ideally suit:

  • Structural conditions
  • Risk, Health and Safety assessments
  • Fire safety and essential services surveys
  • Property and plant management (e.g. hazardous materials)
  • Environmental issues

Site operational issues (e.g. access restricted areas, inductions). Checklists are tailored to the precise needs of the client and be setup per individual site with the result being an "at a glance" profile of a wide range of management issues. Matters requiring follow up can be automatically highlighted and prompted for action.