LBC provides varied services that sit around our product delivery.

These include:
  • Support for our products, during implementation and duration of the contract.
  • Product/functionality customisation (development)

Customisation & Design               Resolution your way

In addition to providing the suite of 360PM solutions and related services, Linked business Concepts boasts a team of experience experts in internet application development. Our expertise includes project management, system design/integration and administration, database development, interface design and internet application development. All Linked Business Concepts custom design solutions are produced from the ground up to meet your specific needs.

Our custom design service include, but are not limited to:
  • Internet applications and software
  • E-commerce applications
  • Web-enabled databases

Linked Business Concepts programming team has extensive experience integrating with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software, custom software programs, proprietary software and legacy systems.

Recent developments have included integration with finance/accounting packages, internal databases and web based CAD drawing integration.

For more information about Linked Business Concepts custom design services, please call us or email us.

Let Our Experienced Staff Help

360PM is not simply off-the-shelf software. 360PM is a solution that is supported by Linked Business Concepts Pty. Ltd.

Accordingly, as part of any 360PM licensing agreement or hosted offering, LBC Support are on call to perform a vast range of technical and operational support functions to ensure the smooth and optimum performance of 360PM.

Amongst LBC Support's services are the following:
  • Regular operational auditing (portfolio "snap-shots") designed to evaluate current practices and make recommendations on how to maximise the benefits of the existing 360PM model.
  • Assistance with Tender Submissions providing a comprehensive package answering all IT and CMMS aspects of tenders.
  • Sample clauses to include in Quotes or Tenders for Service Providers to ensure compliance.
  • Ongoing Technical "help-desk" support for all users.
  • Data packaging, purging, archiving and conversion functions.
  • Connectivity and integration with external software packages (financial, project planning, HR etc)
  • Assistance and guidance with software upgrades and additional modules
  • Switch to our experienced Help Desk for busy periods or Out of Hours Dispatch and follow-up.

Project Management

LBC Project Managers have practical maintenance and FM system implementation experience. Using industry recognised methodology, we provide all aspects of project planning to deliver a 360PM model that best suits the specific needs of the client.

We will guide you through the implementation process from start to finish ensuring a 360PM model to support the client's organisation perfectly. Our implementation team will identify key requirements in both 360PM configuration, as well as analyse and recommend any client change management to be undertaken to ensure a seamless integration.

Strategy Checklist
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Undertake and audit of existing processes, numbers of transactions/records/documents
  • Estimate implications of business and compliance objectives.
  • Clearly analyse any gaps
  • Look at mandatory requirements
  • Identify changes required to existing business process
  • Must be improvement on existing processes, not just a technology layer
  • Analysis of existing skill levels for people to use 360PM
  • Identify level of integration required to front office and line of business systems
  • Assessment of 360PM functionality required
  • Identify cultural issues/barriers - ways of working - operational environments

Management Reporting

A successful Facilities Management system provides accurate and relevant reporting functions to enable strategic-based decision-making by the FM.

360PM provides a range of standard reporting formats that are relevant and highly customisable by the user. Our standard report format relate to:
  • Key performance indicators
  • Issue statistical reports
  • Issue financial summaries
  • Service level agreements
  • High level management reporting
  • Asset life reporting


LBC Support will recommend, as part of the implementation process, a regime of training courses that will best suit all the future users of 360PM. This will be based on two factors: how relatively technical are the demands on the user for the 360PM model and; what is perceived general aptitude of the intended users?

Training courses will range from larger lecture-style classes, ideally suited to occasional users (generally 3 hours duration), down to specified, targeted, individual tuition.

Training courses can occur at either LBC's facilities or the clients.

360PM Quick User Guides would be available to all users and LBC Support would be at their disposal.