What we are working on

  Some of our plans for 2015 include:
  • Review of the key inputs into 360PM modules to ensure latest technologies are being utilised.
  • Service Manager module upgrade

2014 saw the release of customised client functionality, upgrades to existing functionality and new development releases.

Customised client development includes:
  • Scheduling of service shifts, with the ability to enter updates to produce timesheets
  • Mobile version of issues, services, audits, shift changes (leave, replacements, temporary shift changes)
  • Audit sign off on mobile devices
  • Property profiles which include all relevant drawings, service schedules, staff information, inductions/qualifications/licenses, JSAs and all relevant information available for each site
  • Staff profiles which includes all relevant information for each staff member engaged onsite. Inductions, qualifications, permanent working shifts, contact information, photo
  • Data Gathering Porthole is gather information from a large number of sites nationally
New development for 360PM includes:
  • Issues Manager upgraded mobile format
  • Automation of emailed barcode information attachment
  • Additional statistical reports available in standard system delivery
  • Ongoing programming updates to update system efficiency